2016 BEST OF

Everyone is hating on 2016 but I feel like, personally, it's been a great year full of wonderful accomplishments. I think it's so important to set a goal for myself each each, it doesn't always have to be a huge life changing goal, but something that I can work towards and feel proud of when the year is said and done. This year, as my first year FULL TIME, my goal was to simply stay concentrated, complete my 30 weddings successfully and keep my turn around time as short as possible. I'm proud to say that I accomplished this and also happy to know that so many other great things happened along the way - I shot my first Indian wedding, I had my first image in print in The Michigan edition of The Knot & and I'm already just about booked up for 2017! It's amazing what one person can accomplish in a year.

I haven't decided what my long term goal for 2017 is yet, but it will come to me, I'm sure of it. For now I'm just embracing each day, week and month as it comes and trying my best to make images that my clients love and that I can truly be proud of.

Here's a recap of some of my favorite images from this past year. Thanks to every single client, whether you hired me for a mini session, a large wedding or anything in between - you're my inspiration and motivation to say focused on doing what I love to do. THANK YOU!

Amber Hewitt