Tiffany is the oldest of all my cousins and I am second oldest. Needless to say we were inseparable when we were young. We had sleep overs every weekend, stayed up til all hours of the night, made up dances and lusted over boy bands like Hanson and N'sync, built forts out of sheets and played lots of barbies. We were family yes, but also best friends.

Flash forward about 15 years and things haven't changed much. We don't play barbies anymore but I get to play with Tiffany's real kids. We don't do sleep overs but we do talk about life and goals and dreams for our futures. When Tiff told me that her and Jeremy had decided to tie the knot and keep it low key, I was beyond happy for the both of them. Jeremy is a great dad and I know he makes Tiffany feel complete and to see the both of them say "I do" was such a special moment to me. I'm glad I can be there to capture all the moments in Tiffany's life and it makes me so grateful to have the profession I do.