A full day of beautiful ladies whom I am lucky enough to have hire me and then photograph them in such an intimate way. It was a perfect day and even with a last minute location change it ended up being one of my favorite shoots to date. A huge thank YOU to Giustina for letting me take over her Detroit condo at a last minutes notice! Also a much deserved shout out to Katie Painter for handling all of the makeup and making all of these (already beautiful) women look stunning & Tara Downey for the flawless hair. You two are my dream team and I couldn't ask for anything better! I wish I could post more from this shoot but a lot of the photos are a surprise for future husbands, so here are just a few sneak peeks :)

p.s. I also threw together that flower mobile the night before and loved how it turned out! Thanks to Flowers By Deb for the pretty florals and helping with my vision!